Travellers for Elephants
We, Maaike and Tey, started a 7-month travel through Southeast Asia in the fall of 2018. After visiting different countries there, we ended up in Laos. We had noticed before that tours & trips are being offered where the riding of elephants is promoted. That sounds nice, but there is a whole story behind it. Since we absolutely DO NOT want this, we thought a visit to the Mekong Elephant Park (sanctuary in Pakbeng) was worth it. They promote, among other things, that the elephants are not being ride on and is trying to give the abused ones a new home. 
This philosophy appeals to us so much that we want to help them with this and make their mission into our mission.
Hopefully with the help of you, because they can use all support (and especially finances).
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Two of the elephants from Mekong Elephant Park: 
Mae Bounma & Mae Kham
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